Web Design & Hosting

Your website is the foundation of your online presence, and you need a design that will mature with you. We understand how businesses grow and evolve, and our platforms have the ability to expand with you.

Top Tier's design team will work with you to develop a mobile-friendly, responsive website that is more than just a digital calling card, but a complete sales tool offering an action-oriented experience for your users - one that will look great on every platform.

We are obsessed with the user experience and take a truly mobile-first approach, creating beautiful websites that look great on every browser, and that put your message forward in a way that is optimized for every device. We take care to maximize your return by crafting an excellent mobile experience that lets your uses find what they're looking for right away, and get in touch with you with a single click.

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Branding & Digital Marketing

What does your brand say, and who can hear you? We'll work with you to flesh out your brand's story and then maximize your visibility with a fully integrated digital marketing strategy, from capturing leads on your website and building your “funnel” using tools like search engine optimization, online advertising and social media.

Top Tier's team of dedicated digital and traditional marketing specialists can offer services ranging from collateral development (logo, brand ID, business card, stationary, print advertisements) to holistic digital campaigns using must-have strategies like PPC advertising, SEO for your website, email blasting, implementation of lead capture technologies, and social media strategy/management. We'll apply our years of experience to a marketing strategy and brand position that speaks to your key differentiators and captures the essence of your message. Our expert media team can influence your audience with creative planning that maximizes your spend and gets your message in front of the people that are looking for it.

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Cloud Storage Solutions

Managing IT infrastructure is not your core business, so why waste valuable resources on it? Save money and reduce hassle by virtualizing your infrastructure and having your business live “in the cloud.” Reach new heights of flexibility, reliability and cost-efficiency while optimizing your operations and freeing up valuable resources on the ground. Virtualization can increase agility and reduce risk for your business. Top Tier's experienced engineers and cloud specialists would be happy to discuss whether virtualization or server consolidation is appropriate for your business and what tangible benefits it can provide.

For disaster recovery, physical backup sites are incredibly costly for today's businesses. Top Tier's secure cloud back-up service guarantees peace of mind and limited downtime in the case of a catastrophe or outage. Cloud-based solutions deliver faster recovery times and multi-site delivery at a fraction of the cost of on-site conventional recovery solutions.

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Managed IT & Consulting

Don't drain your own resources - with Top Tier's total IT management solutions, you can minimize downtime, reduce operating costs and breathe easy knowing your technology is fully managed and protected. Our managed solutions put the power back in your hands by delivering a robust and agile IT environment.

Top Tier's IT specialists can help you determine the appropriate use of virtualization and cloud services, perform remote infrastructure management and security services, as well as other workplace streamlining services.

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Application Development

Customized applications can solve evolving business and IT challenges, yielding significant savings and boosting efficiency. Modernize and integrate your legacy applications with enterprise-grade solutions that are scalable and extendable. Top Tier's application development team specializes in customized web content and management, working with top vendors such as Microsoft and Dell.

Top Tier's team can develop applications tailored to your business's operations and keep your project running smoothly from inception to implementation and beyond.

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Your physical network and servers are the backbone of your operations, so even a minor performance issue can cause a major disruption. The emergence of bigger, better, faster technologies across geographically dispersed locations has made network management a huge task for many organizations. Outsourcing your network implementation and management services to a best-of-breed service provider like Top Tier can yield huge cost savings as well as amazing benefits to workplace efficiency and communications.

From cable to servers, routers, and firewalls, let the team at Top Tier unify your communications help you create a safe, well-networked environment.

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